Be effective – How to Talk to Other Peoples Exclusive | Humaira Sadiq

Be aware when you are talking somebody. Sometime we hurt someone very special by our harsh words. Harsh words are like sharp knife. No, it are more than it. Wounds of knife heal with the passage of time but wounds of harsh words can’t heal. We forget that the second person is also human. We just remember that we have to show our anger to him.

There are two groups of people. One group is soft spoken. While second are harsh spoken. In soft spoken, they value emotions and humanity but harsh spoken don’t care about someone. You all know well about soft spoken and good people. I have to introduce you from second type. The second group is emerging quickly. They have anger, tension, depression and sick minds.

Dears, anger is blind way through which we went to the dark valley of regression. Some people are more sensitive than others. They take things forever. Their life becomes constant struggle due to their sensitivity. They have to fight themselves as well as to people. They are in double trouble.

To defeat somebody is easy but to defeat oneself is very tough. Many of you are sensitive.Senstivie people are more intelligent than others. So we can also say that intelligent are the most sensitive in this world. All people are sensitive in different ways. So harsh group easily became successful in hurting them.

Harsh words hurt everyone. Even pets also feel harsh words. Some of you will think that it is wrong. No, it is true. Go instantly and shout on your favorite pet, you will see that he or she will show signs of sadness in eyes. So it is humble request of mine think hundred times before you utter words from your mouth.

Soft words are more valuable than harsh. Soft word heals broken hearts. Today, we are so poor that can’t happy a person with nice words. If we speak in soft tone, our impression on others will very good. People do not need money, they just need good behavior.

Society needs humans not animals with open mouths. Sorry, I say them open mouth animals because they deserve it. I have seen many persons very educated, decent, good looking and graceful but alas they too belong to open mouth group. When they shout it looks that a truck full of garbage is coming from their mouths.

Humans are the most superior creature of this world. Give some proof of your superiority. Kindly show some manners. Take an advantage of being humans. Every one of us should think honestly that either belongs to open mouth group or Humans. Choice is yours.