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CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Wife Picture

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Ms Kalsoom ex wife of SSP Tariq Abbas Qureshi- Shehbaz Sharif allegedly managed her divorce got married to her keeps her as his fourth wife in London. where she is living with her three kids reportedly in luxurious Flat. How miserable it is– Reportedly Tariq Abbas Qureshi planned to expose the CM.

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  1. shamles for ayash and big dramy baz cm of punjab.oor hum awam hien kah en bygyret ke ayashio ko sumjhty he nhi……

    • Mr.Islam main 04 jaiz hain if u can afford but 01 Q: Kia woh bachi aur na samajh hai jo Mr. Shahbaz sey shadi kar rahi hai us ko maloom nahi key Mr. Shahbaz pehlay sey shadi shuda hai akher kucch to waja hogi agar yeah such hai to…!!!

      • agar koi tumaari maam keh saath apne CM hone ka najaiz fahda utha kar najaiz taa’luq qaim kalay phir tum ko toh apni maan ka haath khud us hawaszda aadmi keh haath mein de dena chahiay aur bahen ka hamza keh haath mein aur khud maryam nawaz ki hifazat pe lag jana

  2. whats wrong n miserable abt dis? Zabardasti shadi ne ki, nikah karna gunah ho gya kya ab

  3. By doing such shameful and disgusting acts does he deserve to preach ethics, morals and principles to others…….

  4. No body can compel some one to divorce his wife and no wife can do such kind of deal. If SSP divorced his wife then every one has the right to marry her. Don’t spread cheap things



  6. This is an old news Showbaaz is now after another berucrate wife. This is a moral corruption which was strongly prohibited by our prophet Muhammad (SAWW). As in those days some people try to contact the woman whose husband has gone on a war.

  7. Its very shameful that such stories emerged in our politics these are just for nicholus sirkozi, even Cm should have controled his attitude even if she was divorced by her ex husband

  8. But idont know what to say , but Tariq Abbas seems to me a shamless person bcoz by exposing cm he himself has to expose himself how the cm has developed relation with his wife in his presence

  9. i really astonished
    forth marriage is not sin but as he planed for SSP wife shame on khadme ala.
    lanat ha is khadim ala pe.
    Mr.SSP we r with u.

  10. Ary Bai App logo ko our koi Cheez nazaar nai Ati…Ya Randway Zardari our Baki Own kay Sharabi keya karty hay… Shebaz Nay jo keya hay wo Isam may Jayez hay…Pehly Apny Amaal ko dako per Dosro ko point karo

    • arzo jamal kitni badqismat hay wo bibi jisnay itnay handsome mian ko chor ker babay say shadi kerli aur baba cm bhi cancer ka mariez hay.ssp tariq is a handsum jawan.

  11. well done shahbaz..kalsoom .
    chup kr gunnah nahi keya dono ny,

  12. Shahbaz Shareef ne shadi ka kaha and yeh aurat tayar bethi thi shadi ke liye? O’come on people, iss kahani ko chor ker CM Shehbaz kay progressive and productive kaam per dhayan dein
    warna agar niji zindagi per baat karni hay to IK ka background kon nahi janta? Tyrian or Seeta white koi story nahi balkeh aik HAQEEQAT ka naam hain!
    We need to come out of this crap atleast now:)

  13. yah log Begrat han ayashi karty han sun lo tu khdma Ala ha wasy yh Begrate Ala ha 1 no ka, in sub k Damag bohat khrab han is election ma theak ho jayn gay

  14. Look at the child in his father’s arms. See how happy and relaxed he is. What Shahbaz Sharif has actually done is deprived this child of this special feeling.

  15. whats wrong if he got married, Allah (SWT) give us permission to get marry with 4 ladies, so why all my friends are so enthusiastic. why don’t you people be shamed when keeping many girl friends at a time, is this legal and permitted us by our religion?? All the time connected with g/f on the name of time pass??? so don’t be ashamed when doing any thing which is according to Shariyat.

  16. Marrying someone is not only Islamic it is a sunnat of our Nabi Mohammad SAW. But having a child outside marriage such a Tyrain Jade by Imran Khan is absolutely forbidden punishable by death.So PTI Please be aware not tp resort to such tactics they will backfire on you and your IMRAN will not only be kicked out of politics but will be punished for his sins.

  17. lanat he shahbaz shareef per aur lanat hy kalsoom per

  18. Ms Kulsoom is a divorcee – fact. Using a family picture and then trying to destroy lives of two individuals (and their children) through speculation is morally/ethically/legally wrong. Please be decent!

  19. What’s left to discuss is private lives of those who were made to be selected from within all of us..
    people please lets discuss something which is going to affect us all, that is their autonomous rulings and making lives miserable in the name of heavenly “Democracy”. With a democracy, you can’t fight for your rights if your neighbors are not with you..you can’t have anything without gathering people of the same thoughts.

  20. Shabaz shrif tu hazaroon doaray kar chukay, lakhoon logon say mil chulsy, kia lakhon shadian hien un ki, Fult khatoon ka hay.

  21. haha.imran has illegitimate child but no one criticizes him as he is Pakistani youth hero,but if a guy marries second time in Pakistan he is abused more than those ppl are abused here who do adultery.funny nation.marriage is not bad thing even in any society

  22. shahbaz sharif has nt done any cheap act.this iz fair in islam.this iz his persnal matter.we shd see his magnificent works in punjab.

  23. shahbaz sharif iz a gud man.he has done magnaficent works in punjab.

  24. jo apnay baitay ki nae ho saki wo showbaz ki kaisay ho sakti hai PARTY IN LONDON GUYS….!!!!

  25. CM Shahbaz Sharif can better clear his position in this regard. If he managed to marry fulfillng all legal n islamic formalities then the others have no right to interfere into one’s personal life n matters.

  26. Jhoot boolnay ke b haad hai! Shame on such posts……

  27. Tariq abbas qureshi handsome aadmi hai .kalsum hayi babay shahbaz ko 2 tablets viagra ke dena din mein warna uska penis khara nahin ho ga jhatkay kia khaak mare ga budda.

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