EPS-TOPIK Test 2012 Announcement by OEC & Korea

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Overseas Employment Corporation Of Pakistan: EPS-TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Test 2012. The Employment Permit System allows employers who have failed to hire local workforce, to legally employ foreign workers. (the Korean government or public institution administer the management of the foreign workers).

Eligibility to apply for EPS-TOPIK
  • Person aged between 18 and 39
  • Person with no criminal record in relation to serious offence punishable by imprisonment
  • Person with no past records of deportation or departure under a departure orderfrom the Republic of Korea
  • Person who is not subject to travel ban in his/her home country
  • Person who fulfills the eligibility requirements decided by both country
Implementation of EPS-TOPIK
  • Implemented at each country considering th number of valid rosters and anticipated roster-exhausting time
  • Specific schedule and details are announced in advance
EPS-TOPIK questions
  • listening(25 questions) and reading comprehensions(25 questions) (Total test time is 70 minutes)
  • EPS-TOPIK Question book : Download Link(http://eps.hrdkorea.or.kr)
Announcement of test passers
  • How to announce
  • Pass Criteria : Among the candidates who scored over 80 points (full marks 200), designated number of candidates will pass in order of highest score
  • Valid term of EPS-TOPIK : 2 years from announcement date of Test result
  • Even the candidates pass the EPS-TOPIK, they only obtain qualification to be registered in EPS Pool through Job application, it does not guarantee employment in Korea
  • ※ Reference (summary of employment procedure)
    • 01 . EPS-TOPIK pass
    • 02 . Job application
    • 03 . Roster making and registration
    • 04 . Introducing foreign workers (Random)
    • 05 . Employment