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German Ambassador Embrace Islam due to Miracle of Quran

german ambassador embrace islam due to quran miracle German Ambassador Embrace Islam due to Miracle of Quran


  1. That’s great that not only she found health here but also saved her from the fire of hell on justice day. Quran is no doubt the book of miracles, blessings and prosperity. Even one does not find miracle, he should keep on reciting the Quran to find the eternal peace.

  2. Allah will give u best reward in this world in fact another infinitl life. Ameen

  3. سبحان الله

  4. she might ve done sth virtuous act in her former life that Allah might ve liked her and hence Allah rewarded her with the blessings of Islam. Allah is Rabul Alamin (for mankind) not solely for Muslims. those who are the embodiment of morality and humanity must be rewarded by Allah (the omnipotent and the omni present)… I love my Allah and Islam,,

  5. a o a
    Janib Peer Sib ka phone or other contats send email please


  6. Quran is the only one book that provide us everythings but condition is that we should believe on that and be a good muslim
    i love islam

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