How to Conquer Your Fear of Presentation

Gloss phobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking or of speaking in general. The word gloss phobia comes from the Greek word gloss meaning tongue and Phobos means fear or dread. Many people have this fear.

Fear of public speaking ranks higher in most people’s minds than the fear of death.It is not necessary that there are audiences of hundreds but giving presentations to class fellows or even is a problem to most students. Here are some things you can do to avoid your fear of presentation.

In front of a mirror:

Before presentation day stand in front of mirror. Stay alert as you are giving in present moment. See your image it should convey a positive image to your class fellows. See your body language .Rehearsal more than three times. It will increase your self-esteem.

Practice, more practice and most practice:

Practice as much as you can in your room. Visualize your teacher and class fellows’ faces. Visualize a successful outcome. It will help you to deliver the words naturally; they will be feeling coming from your heart rather than from your tongue. Move around during your presentation. This will expend some of your nervous energy.


If you are more uncertain about your presentation then you will be more nervous. When you start talking,         stop, make eye contact, and smile. Make sure that you can see your notes clearly at all times. Take a deep breath, try to smile! Everyone suffers from tension when giving presentations.

Tone of voice:

Speak loudly and clearly during your time. If you are not used to doing this then practice at home. Do not talk too quickly or do not deliver sound like it is coming from a robot but keep you enthusiastic.

Be confident:

It is horrible to sea of expectant faces all looking at you .So arrives early in the room before everyone comes; now it is your turn! Smile at your class fellows when they arrive, greet and take control of their hearts.

Make your topic interesting:

Make your material interesting and memorable. You can include occasional questions to the audience to encourage audience participation. This enhances the learning and gives you a break. Remember that you can’t cover everything you know in your presentation. That would be long and boring, select the important points from your topic. Use these key phrases in your slides.

Prepare handouts of topic:

Prepare handouts of topic. Distribute it in your fellows. It will help you to prepare responses to anticipated questions. Try to think like that one person in the front row who always tries to trip the presenter up. Get over your fear of giving a presentation.

(Written by Humaira Hammad, M.Sc Applied Psychology)