How To Enjoy Bore Lectures in Classroom

Human beings need guidance and training while animals and birds have it instinctly .Most of us agree that it is very tough to enjoy a boring lecture .Listening boring lecture causes severe headache. It is very hectic time when you are attending the class of most boring and un-favorite subjects.

God knows well as well as student who is attending this class. I personally have this experience. Neurology, of course was most cursed subject for me .I don’t have stamina to study this subject. I don’t know why students have to read so many books in masters.

Like all of students I also have one dream not many books only one book. in detail from A to Z not pile of unrelated books but ah your dreams my dreams all broken when we listen it is master’s degree not Matric. When you have no choice, you have to find a way to solve problem.

You should try it first if not solved then seek guidance. Those who find proper way are genius .So, either you have to find a way or make a way. Best way to enjoy these types of lectures is to study them one day before teacher. Try to understand it .You will not pick it completely but can pick some points.

Take a bird’s eye view of lecture in mind. At least you will familiar with terms teachers using in class. I found this secret from very intelligent student. That student participated more that it will help to leave a good impression on teachers.

According to a teacher’s point of view it will help student to increase self-confidence .It have more benefits, you can take maximum sessional marks from teachers as your class participation will gradually progress with your level of confidence.

Most teachers feel good when a student response is positive. They appreciate questions after lectures. Very rare teachers dislike queries .Second thing try to concentrate on concept. Pick central theme of lecture. This will help you to understand lecture in an easy way.

Second, never think that toppers are more intelligent than others rather they are more organized than others. They know how to enjoy study. They usually think what happened if someone asks them to explain this topic. They learn it as they are teachers not students.

Third, become an active learning rather passive listener. Try to write everything written on white board. And the last is try to remain relax and calm in the class room.

All of us have same size of mind, color and weight so, have same level of intelligence. Forget about intelligence just concentrate on lecture.

(Written by Humaira Hammad, M.Sc Applied Psychology)