How to Write a Successful Resume

resume writing tips

By: May Rostom

Writing a resume is very different than writing a CV. A resume is usually used with individuals who have work experience and skillsets rather than fresh graduates with no precious work experience. Here are a few tips to enhance your resume that every employee forgets.

1- Keep it short: long paragraphs are not favored when it comes to resumes. Keep your resume short and to the point; use bullet-points to illustrate related education or work experience in each specific area rather than a paragraph of writing.

2-Market yourself: using positive action words throughout your resume will reflect on your personality. Such words like: eager, punctual, accomplished, etc… will help you grab the employer’s attention to your strong personality.

3-Highlight your strengths: even if you have to be repetitive. Your Objective statement in a resume should be a powerful one, something like a mini personal mission statement that highlights your best qualities.

4-Put everything in order: after your Objective statement, make sure you put your qualifications and accomplishments first. Many HR managers agree that order of importance is necessary and time saving.

5-Show them what you can do: don’t focus on what THEY want from you, show them what you have to offer. Rather than tailoring your resume around your responsibilities, focus on what you’ve previously accomplished in other companies.

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6-Don’t use big words: big words are nice if you manage to use them correctly. Avoid jargon and words that your employer might not understand, in the end you want to get the message across fast and effectively.

7-Update: regularly update your resume and customize to each job you apply for by re-arranging experience according to new job responsibilities. Also make sure you use a recent photo of yourself.

8-Spell check: YES! Many resumes have spelling mistakes that just prove to the employer that you weren’t interested enough in the job to go through the effort of spell-checking your own resume.

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9-Education: doesn’t mean only in school. In this part of your resume, any classes, crash courses, programs, and organizations you’ve been involved in should be stated. That will add to your experience level.

10-Confidence: that’s all you need when you hand in your resume. A well-written cover letter and a representable candidate will not be turned down. source, msn