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Mian Nawaz Sharif Ka Tuhfa by Talat Hussain

syed talat hussain Mian Nawaz Sharif Ka Tuhfa by Talat Hussain

talat hussain6 Mian Nawaz Sharif Ka Tuhfa by Talat Hussain


  1. This is irony of our nation, specially those who are paying their respective tax, have not been benefited in this Budget. I totally agreed the opinion of Talat Hussain. why and how this govt can ignore the welfare of common people, indeed it was their first Budget and at any cost they should have tried their best level in order to give incentive to the people. it is matter of shame for us, being a Muslim state this govt again inhance tax on Hajj, whereas India to whom we are balmming, has again gave relax to the Haji. Estate, Hospital, Banks, stock exchange big transporter and even big landlord should be brought within the net of tax. The poor people who are un able to survive how they will afford such fantacies over the daily use commodites levelled by this heavy mandate govt.Mian sb plz do some thing for this nation and pay contribution from your own.

  2. to run the Govt. funds are required. If people will not pay taxes how can they claim their rights.

  3. Never seen such a budget tax payers being punished for paying taxes and tax evaders encouraged.PML N has an agenda against people who are educated and budget reflects it they want professionals to leave Pakistan

  4. I aggree with Talat Hussain, but Nawaz govt. Is nothing but just a front face of Saudies…n big boss they have given a task to distroy the economy n destabilsed pakistan more n more as quick as possible as it reflacting by their policies.
    Where is iran gas pipe line gone no body will know,
    Where is thar cole ?
    where is taliban taking rest n Y ?

    This is saudi made govt. Working for America.

  5. shair aya shair aya people forget that Lion is not a friend of Human cauz its a lion :D :D

  6. Talat hussain is absolutely correct and i agree with him to complete extent. I add on a bit in this behalf that typical mindset , typical team of 1997 of Mian sahab reflected in this budget . Mian sahab have to come with new team and new mindset otherwise past is evident that He has not shown maturity and his childish and intolerant mindset not changed yet.

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