Musharraf Refuses Exile Offer Brokered by International Players

ISLAMABAD¬†–¬† Amid claims of another exile being offered to former dictator General (r) Pervez Musharraf in the garb of seeing his ailing 95-year-old mother, the former president has reportedly rejected any offer of safe passage, saying he would not leave Pakistan until and unless declared innocent in all cases framed against him.

“Some international leaders have conveyed to Musharraf to make up his mind for another exile keeping in view the hostile media and judiciary in Pakistan. They also asked him to file a plea in the court seeking bail on pretext to see his ailing mother. But Musharraf politely refused to accept the offer and told all his well-wishers that he would not leave Pakistan until he was freed by the courts in all cases against him,” a source who met Musharraf at his farmhouse told Pakistan Today.

“General Musharraf told the interlocutors that it was none other than his ailing mother who had directed him to go to Pakistan and face courts and get himself cleared from all charges. He said his mother had told him that Pakistan was his country and he should live and die there,” the source added.

The source said Musharraf told visitors that he had made up his mind to return to his homeland after through thinking and he would bravely face the courts irrespective of the behaviour he was facing.

“He strongly believes that the courts would give him justice but we know that this is not going to happen,” the source added.

APML Secretary Information Aasia Ishaq confirmed Musharraf had rejected an offer made to him for visiting her ailing mother.

“Musharraf is not a coward and he will face the legal process. He will not leave the country come what may. He believes that he would get justice and the courts would decide his cases on merit,” she added. Via: PakistanToday