Roots Students Faraz Kaiser Malik Honoured for Attaining International Fame

Faraz Kaiser

ISLAMABAD: Roots School System DHA-1 Flagship Campus honoured two Guinness World Record holders and one exceptional scholarship holder to Cambridge University.

The entire student body was present to welcome them and gave them a thunderous applause when they arrived along with their proud parents, Roots School System DHA-1 Flagship Campus Executive Director Khadija Mushtaq, RSS founder Riffat Mushtaq and Cambridge International Examinations Country Manager Uzma Yousuf.

Faraz Kaiser Malik at the age of just 11 years is the youngest student in the world to ever appear in the Cambridge O-Levels International Examination.

Faraz has secured straight 8 As that includes 3 A+ in science subjects and 5 As at such a young age and has set another Guinness World Record by a student of Roots DHA-1 campus Islamabad. Khadija Mushtaq, most accomplished student counsellor, congratulated Faraz on his record-breaking achievement and said that the success of Roots DHA-1 Flagship Campus is evident from the high quality of results the institution is producing and by the fact that today “we are celebrating our third world record”.

The first world record was made by Ali Moin Nawazish who secured 21 straight As in A-Levels, the second world record was made by Danish Shabbir by securing 23 As in IGCSE Cambridge University Examination and the third one was made by Faraz who is the youngest student to ever appear in O-Levels examinations.

Roots students are consistently maintaining brilliance and breaking world records in all spheres be it education, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities at national or international level.

Khadija Mushtaq also congratulated Muhammad Aun Abbas Zaidi on receiving prestigious Cambridge 800th Anniversary Scholarship into Cambridge University, UK for four years in the coveted engineering programme. This is an exceptional achievement and a great honour for Pakistan.

Roots DHA-1 campus has set new standards and raised the bar in terms of fascinating futures for all students. Speaking on the occasion, Aun Zaidi said, “Here at Roots, we are constantly reminded not to limit our challenges but to challenge our limits and achieve the unachievable and dream the impossible. With an outstanding mentor like Khadija and her dynamic staff every student is a high-achiever, global leader and a model citizen.”

Danish Shabbir, a 15-year-old brilliant child from a rural village in Azad Kashmir but a student of Roots School System DHA-1 campus Islamabad has stunned the world academia by securing 23 straight As in IGCSE examinations of the University of Cambridge in the year 2012. He has also set a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. All the members of the media and representatives of the press were present at the school campus to cover the remarkable event.

The students and parents were overwhelmed with the phenomenal scholarships and the outstanding counselling and guidance of Khadija Mushtaq who has been instrumental in turning many dreams into reality with her utmost commitment, dedication and passion for her students. These high achievers were awarded shields and certificates.

Riffat Mushtaq also congratulated the brilliant students and in her compassionate speech overwhelmed with emotions and compassion said that Pakistani children are gifted with enormous natural talent and their talent should be encouraged and highly appreciated. pr