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Shazia Marri Protest over Awais Laghari’s Recitation in NA

shazia marri Shazia Marri Protest over Awais Lagharis Recitation in NA

pml n news1 Shazia Marri Protest over Awais Lagharis Recitation in NA


  1. Saleh Muhammad Khan

    this could be a misunderstanding.the honorable member should have started his speech with the name of Allah.any how incidents of such nature should not be blown up out of proportion plz.

  2. it’s mean’s this all PPP same like Sheetaan…

  3. dr sikander ali

    agree with saleh muhammad khan

  4. But Why she barks i mean shout ,,?? koi to waja ho gi ?

  5. pakistani she barks i mean shout coz she is Shaitaan, our awais sahab nay shaitaan say panah mangi te, tu ye “rabbar ki” soch rahi te ki es nay muj sa q panah mangi, q bhaion shaitaan ko b tu gusa a sakta ha,

  6. its a half story. first she had speeched something in which reply he first recited otherwise even shazia is a non believer. even then she wont make such a suicidal move

  7. Is ka to phir saaf matkb hai kay ya to PPP waly samajh chuky hain ke vo shaitan hain …. Isi lie log ab har jagha un se panah mangty hain… Ya phir ye bitch kafir hai :-/ kiu kay jo kam AllAh ke naam se shuru kia jaye us par sirf kafir or shaitan ko hi itraz ho sakta hai :-/

  8. use lga ho ga k m khein ghaib e na ho jaun.. :P

  9. Shaitaan aur shazia mn do cheezen common hn
    Aur shayd shazia ko zaida pata ho shaitaan ke bare mn
    Shayd us ne samja ke
    Zardari ke nam le dya hai

  10. i think its misunderstanding

  11. Sab se appeal hy k siaq o sabaq ko janay baghair remarks na den yahi to extremism hy

  12. Over the recitation of holly Quran only a prostitute can shout.we can’t expect anything from a full naked head & half naked bodied woman shazia marri.

  13. she proved, she belongs to shayateen gang/family, everyone is rightful to prey for his/her protection.
    then why yeh shtaan ki bachi apney aap sey bahir ho ghai.

  14. There is no doubt that PPP Government was and PPP party is root of Evil…. All Supporter and Party Workers are Follower of Devil ;) Her Action showed us today alot of other examples are available

  15. hence proved that democracy is the best revenge , Allah forbade , from such stupid women and hypocrate are those who are reluctant to the recitation of holy Quran.↲shame shame shame

  16. Ahahaha!! Why Shazia Murre felt like Lughare is referring to her by the word of Shaitaan in Tawwuzz!!! Simply Chor ki darre main tinka :P

  17. Syed Tahir ul Haq Jaffery

    what was the reason?

  18. Ya Allah, which way is pakistan heading to? Neo liberals or zion indoctrinated minds?

  19. Advocate Arshad Niazi

    Zahir hai jab shetan ka nam lo gy to shetan to chekheen gy

  20. shazia is a prostitute,she is an evil thats y she shouted and protested.shame on u shazia all people know how many beds u crossed to enter in politics

  21. Q ap be shaitan hai ya shaitan ke behan hai saleeeeee sahaitan ke aulad

  22. Yay ghalat hai … please soch samajh kar comments karein … mein nay taqreer PTV par daikhi thhe aur kisi nay kuch nahin kaha beech mein … we should be smarter than falling to these propagandas newspapers make just to get business …. this is the reason we do not succeed … hum har kahi baat par yaqeen kar laytay hain aur jald baazi kartay hain … Islam humein jald baazi say rokta hai aur abhi yahan pay wohi hoe raha hai. Pehlay baat koe sochain samjhay, khud research karein aur phir comment karein.

  23. @ZAHOOR Did you watch the speech live?

    • Yes … I did see it live on PTV .,… they usually show NA sessions live…. There was nothing said during his speech … infact Ahsan Iqbal interrupted when Awais Leghari was reciting the Ayat and spoke in between…so does that make him shaitaan ??? …. i just hope everyone does their research before talking on issues and commenting on them.

  24. She has nothing else to do in the parliament, except to become crazy by hearing Quran and to look at Mr. Nawaz Sharifs wrist watch… As if her own husband does not let her to look at his watch…

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