Study in UK: MBA, BA Admissions 2013, 2014 in UK

Study in the UK at top British Universities. MBA Master of Business Administration and BA (Hons). Attractive Scholarships Available.

study in uk Study in UK: MBA, BA Admissions 2013, 2014 in UK

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  1. Please do not come for study in UK or any western countries.
    Because here is education is a industry its means they are doing just fr make money and all studies must student do them self they teach nothing , very university has more the 1000 clubs for fun they never support for get skills or teacher are any interest to tell any thing either ,after working time they never meet the student . Tell is not teaching .

    To get skilled means to a person can deliver its information to any one on demand .

    We can do it much better in our own country Pakistan it is cheap , simple and easy .
    do not leave friends , families and areas where you belong always.
    I live in 7 difference big economist well countries there is no respect, you are no body, merit not count as they mention , law is only protect not us behind the real way , we are always miss think for every thing.
    they just want your money only and that is real fact on western streets.

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