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  1. i fully agree previously he got predident’s award in serving zardari now he has working with nawaz’s govt. good principles… good morality after ward they go for hajj too

  2. Hmmm… Great going TH… Everyone there seems corrupt…
    But, let me say,
    If you were appointed… There would have been claims about some sort of reward to keep you cool ;-)

  3. Long life Talat to expose people like these. Media should proud on you

  4. I like politics of Imran Khan and supporter of PTI.
    I was appointed as Presiding Officer in election 2013, during polling no unfair mean were used but PMLN got 70% votes of total votes polled.
    That’s why I don’t believe your arguments, PMLN is given full mandate so now there policies are teasing the public.

  5. Nice Talat bhai we absolutely agree with your views. @Tariq you must remind that being an independent journalist Talat Hussain has principally refused from holding a key position of information minister in the last federal caretaker govt.


    • Does it matter who is taking PCB’s charge? Do we expect any miracle to restore Pakistan’s Cricketing legacy? Is Sethi an appropriate resource to guide the broken team with startegic objectives? The answer is simply NO. The reason is, becouse we Pakistanis are not faithful to any body, even to our selves. Hala Sethi

  7. spare me the bullshit, for god sake do not divide cricket on the lines of how you have divided the country on language basis. at least let sports be played on merit. we are so behind on the world map of sports that you need a telescope to find, cricket is the sole carrier of our sports hope in this world barring hicups here and there. so please spare it MR NAWAZ SHARIF, and put someone on merit someone who does not differentiate between languages and provinces and cities and even classes.

  8. @Tariq…. har koi waqt ka faida nahi uthata…. zameer bhi koi cheez hoti hai… aur sethi & so called shareef (bradran) ka zameer zardari ki tarha murda ho chuka hai… shame on you n ur so called leader

  9. One of the major cause of destruction of our sports is the appointment of inexperience people and i request PM Sharif to reverse the decission about ths appointment…..

  10. Just can’t believe that this dog is appointed as PCB chairman Nawaz sharif has shown his real face.. all is in Allan’s hand

  11. A man who have a watch thats worth price is 40 crore w what can he give to pakistan also our nation should more treated than this because they vote pmln and now they will protest (we are a deaf nation )

  12. I thought that evil of this person is over after his ROLE in election, But No” MOVIE ABHI BAQI HA MERI QAUM” It will unfold, one fold at a time. Miyan Sahabans are in a deep water, Better they fix themselves other wise history is ruthless…. Long Live Pakistan

  13. There are few elements which are an integral part of an equation for survival, as was Mr. Rehman Malik, and few others who were selected and imposed to keep check and balance in the past governments. The resignation and relocation of Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, to save the face of notorious spy gang, and the move of Javed Hashmi to give new life to PTI was all part of the plan.

    Likewise Mr. Sethi is an ATOT ANGH (an integral part), along with few other elements in the present government and in PTI in the KPK. Miss Shireen Mazari is one of the equations as well. However Mr. Sethi is not a new kid on the block, he is a same old jaded piece of crap, just little more in lime light now. These are all the fruits of your corrupt democracy, you voted for.

    Guess what? If you really are serious to get rid of all these con artists, who happen to be the integral part of corrupt democracy, then strive to implement ALLAH’s commandments on all Muslim lands to provide justice to all based on Quran and Sunnah. This is the only solution to get your independence and your country back from these charlatans.

    • I agree with the analysis of some of these political players. I was quite surprised when PML (N) agreed to his name as caretaker governor of Punjab. Some eye brows were raised as he hold quite secular views which is in contrast to the view held be Nawaz Sharif. Perhaps, the idea was to score points and be in the goods books of America. It points in the direction that Najam Sethi played some role in rigging the polls on the promise of a big reward.
      In the time of previous government it was the same case. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was the prime example of that. Yet another example that democracy has failed and has become hypocrisy beyond any limits.
      Until we turn to Islamic system of Justice and bring about Khilafah. We will keep on suffering and no PTI or any other political party would succeed in bringing about true change.

  14. Don’t act stupid we have polotician for that,,,,,,,,,, Principally he deserved cz he serve isn; it…. CLOSE YOUR EYES>>>>

  15. Ab cricket ka bany ga Pak pakisatn pak pak ke bana ta Ab ganda garay gandy log ganda garay gandy logon ke hogaye

  16. Let’s not assume things about Najam Sahib. As for Bookies etc is concrned, experts of this areas are jealous of IPL’s ability to make money. Instead of giving credit to India, countries hurt by the loss of revenue, will try their best to discourage the development of institutions within Asia which attract investments/money.

  17. N league is already twice came in power what was their performance. IJI case just SC has given its verdict the election was rigged/stolen with the help of Establishment & order to investigate to found out who is main culprit & got money and how much. Nawaz was the chief of IJI at that time. Zardarii did want to open it because of MUK MUKA. 2013 election was the rehearsal of the election 2008. CEC has deceived to the Pakistani Nation in the name of fare, free and transparent election. Inshallah one day everyone would accountable for it. Al-Mighty Allah is watching everyone.

  18. I know Sethi only from his ‘Aapas ki bat’. I always found his comments very logical and his chiria brought news that later proved true. So I think Sethi is OK and we should make our own conclusions.

  19. Dog of a dogs know no other feat than licking balls for securing reward.

  20. Why ICC rules are not being followed? PCB chairman should be elected by various cricketing bodies and not by the PM. Political interference has especially been ruled out. Patron or no patron.

  21. yaqeen nahi ata nawaz shareef election fixer ko itni azadi say 18 croore awam ka samnay reward day raha hay.nawaz shareef balon k saat saat sharam awar haya say b pareghulbal hay.


  23. Ahmad Raza Ghumman

    افسوس کی بات ہے پاکستان کے ساتھ کوئی بھی وفاداری دیکھاۓ وہ ذلیل ہی ہوتا ہے انڈیا کے سامنے کھڑا ہوا ذکا اشرف تو نورے کو کہاں سے چین آنا تھا کیوں کے وہ تو انڈیا کو ناراض کر ہی نہیں سکتا اب بھی لوگوں کو نظر نہ آۓ تو کیا کہیں کے ڈکٹیٹر کسے کہتے ہیں اور پھر ہم فوج کو برا کہتے ہیں

  24. Thats absoluetly wrong done by MIAN NAWAZ SHARIF,, bcoz Najam Sthi sb. never ever been a clean personality & not suitable for this job….I dont agree on that, he faoured Mian sahiban in last general Election, but fact is that he is not capeable of this post, b coa he has not eough knowledge & experties about Cricket Game. Thats why everybody raised fingers on najam Sethe.. Zaka Ashraf for better than najam Sethi SB. But now the let the time too decide what s wrong & what s right… But it s totallu unfair juster its not help Pakistan Cricket which already suffering great……

  25. Head bald wisdom bald would like to have people identical to his calibre every where so that the country will permanently fall into unrecoverable ditch.

  26. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri was right. The elections were totally rigged…. The recent step of Nawaz Sharif had proved that fact…

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